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The Subway Cares Foundation® strives to ensure that our future leaders are given every tool they need to succeed. Our mission is to fuel the potential of our youth by giving them greater access to nutritious food, tuition assistance, and opportunities to help them grow.
what we do

Subway Cares is making a difference in communities around the world!

The Subway Cares Foundation is proud to announce our first grants to four deserving organizations that share our mission and values. Click below to meet our grantees and learn about the work Subway Cares is supporting around the world.
Programs & Grants
Subway Cares Foundation™ Helping Others
Subway Cares Foundation™ Scholarship Program

Our Pillars

Three areas of support are critical to fueling the potential of the next generation.

Hunger Relief

We provide grants to organizations committed to ensuring those who are food insecure have access to nutritious food.

Tuition Assistance

We fund scholarships to help make higher education and vocational training accessible and more affordable. There should be no barriers on the pathway to success.

Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders

We partner with world-class organizations that coach, mentor, and teach leadership skills to help young people learn and grow.
We all have a responsibility to make a real difference today, so our next generation can have a better tomorrow.
Michele DiNello / Subway Cares Foundation® Executive Director